Today in the city North Lauderdale 26.07.2017
Photos show US, South Korean, and Japanese aircraft on mission to flex on North Korea after ICBM test

Three days after North Korea demonstrated its ability to hit the US with long-range nuclear missiles, the US, South Korea, and Japan put on a display of air power expressly meant to frighten Kim Jong...

'Distorted': China envoy battles reports of trade growth with North Korea

China's ambassador to the United States said reports of trade growth between his country and North Korea give "a distorted picture."

Tennessee Man Arrested in North Carolina in 2015 Deaths

Deputy U.S. marshals in North Carolina have arrested a man in the deaths of three people in Tennessee in 2015.

Black man was shot in the back by North Carolina state trooper, autopsy confirms

NAACP described autopsy of 31-year-old Willard Scott, who was killed earlier this year, as ‘confirming our worst fears’A black man who was killed by a North Carolina state trooper earlier this year wa...

Autopsy: Man Shot in Back by North Carolina State Trooper

An autopsy shows that a black man killed by a North Carolina state trooper earlier this year was shot in the back.

China says 'China responsibility theory' on North Korea has to stop

China hit back on Tuesday in unusually strong terms at repeated calls from the United States to put more pressure on North Korea, urging a halt to what it called the "China responsibility theory", and...

2nd Bridge Over Potomac River North of DC to Be Considered

A second bridge over the Potomac River connecting Virginia and Maryland north of Washington will be considered during a meeting between elected officials and transportation planners.

South Korea says North doesn't have ICBM re-entry technology

South Korea's intelligence agency does not believe North Korea has secured re-entry capabilities for its intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) program, a South Korean lawmaker said on Tuesday, dis...

North Korea Calls US Practice Bombing Run a Provocation

North Korea conducted its first ever intercontinental-ballistic-missile test last week, which experts have said could reach Alaska, reports Business Insider.

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